The Parts and Sum of a Whole

twinkling eyes
measuring children
on the kitchen wall; watchful
as they grow luminous and tall
like birches, swaying near and far
on the winds of time;
wistfully wishing, perhaps
for time to trickle
like honey

mysterious hands
measuring sugar; conjuring
ginger and cardamom
pepper-flower bouquets,
sweet herring pickled, and
jars and jars
of tart, red
berries to splash
over salted pudding

far-away eyes
recalling days long past;
pickling sugar for
children, and measuring walls
for luminous herring
splashing in jars, swimming
like red queens in an
ever-suspended sea of
honeyed time


Because this kid makes me giggle:

Winter Haiku

static in silk sheets
sleek skin sliding electric
winter lightning strikes

Oh, winter. If I wanted an electrical storm every time I rolled over, I’d be Zeus. Just sayin’.

prisms in your eyes,
dream fragments suspended
in salt water, then
cast like a bridge


into infinity
bent back on itself-
a universe in a

we are
not of the same season,
never at the same time

we meet nowhere
but the mind,
in the middle
of that rainbow

The things he says:

“Mommy…before I was born, we was strangers. But, then we began to fall in love and we wasn’t strangers anymore.”


He’s right. We were strangers. He was one of countless eggs. He was a yearning. He was the tail-end of every sigh. I needed him, and I didn’t even know it.

ImageWhat he is wrong about, though, is that there was really no beginning to this love. It was just always there, waiting.