A series of Haiku for my small son, as he grows:

One, two, yellow, blue
is how you counted before
you knew there were rules.


Willows are fluffing
and you wonder aloud if
the sky has dandruff.


Oh, dandelion.
How fearsome you are with your
sunny, yellow mane.


I couldn’t call you
a shrinking violet. You are
a johnny jump-up.



  For my smal…

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7 thoughts on “  For my smal…

  1. I am deeply in love with that little face! The poem is beautiful too! you have inspired an idea I might make a page for people to come and post a haiku or three line poem expressing their love for their child….. XXXXXX

  2. sonofwalt says:

    I love proud parent poems. And these are just lovely.

  3. hoopsdo says:

    The dandruff one is great :]

  4. ~Lady Day says:

    Oh…such a dream to have bumped into you…again…moms of likemind. xo

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