What is to be done for
the taciturn ghost who sneaks
through soundlessly
on its fingertips? Perhaps

it devours
memory; bends
time downward like a
fruit-laden branch
and feeds.

it dances behind closed
eyelids; or broods
under a porch light,
hands in its pockets.

When it departs, it dashes
out the window and to the
south at the speed
of never, its redshift
in tow like a
phoenix tail.

Does it mean harm? To
consume that which I hold
most dear and
leave me with
nothing but a
dream turned nightmare,
wrapped in apologies?

does it simply


5 thoughts on “

  1. I don’t think it means harm but it does mean to keep our attention and engage with us in a dramatic way…it does do harm though i think even if it doesn’t mean it….

  2. You have quite a way of weaving a vision-thread yourself! Digging you work. 🙂

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