Pearls and Silver

I knew you once.

The first galaxy to cast
spinning pearls
into an onyx velvet so vast
it spilled into never – forever
at every turn.

An orb weaver tending
her flawless tapestry-
silver-swaddled quarry nuzzled,
then so lovingly

A woman; Mother Moon
gathering sky pearls to thread
on her silvery string
after the children
have gone to bed.

I’ve known you always.


8 thoughts on “Pearls and Silver

  1. ~Lady Day says:

    I swear…it’s almost eery..your words and imagery, I swear I could be reading my own work so often…I’m in canada, are you?

  2. ~Lady Day says:

    Ah..will be there at the end of the month…to visit with family…yes, must be the mind

  3. SwirlGirl says:

    You’ve got me on that one. They are at that “razor blade jabbed into my ankle” stage right now, too…nothing sneaky about these little suckers this year.

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