Jupiter Sings

a thousand stone bells
sonic electricity
thunder humming Bach

The “sounds” in the above video are actually electromagnetic and radio activity from Jupiter converted into audible sound. Still, they both unsettle and excite me. It reminds me of hearing my son’s heartbeat beating alongside my own for the first time. Except not. These sounds are almost metallic, like a zillion machines screaming in a wind tunnel. Like giant footsteps and impossible energy.

Like the heartbeat of a god.

Sometimes I pop out of my mommy-induced haze and realize that the universe is so unfathomably vast, I am actually feeling a kind of vertigo…or that feeling you get when you are just falling asleep and it startles you. A moment of cosmic punctuation. Stop here. Memorize this and then keep on keeping on with a slightly better understanding of where you came from and where you’re going.

If you could stand in front of Jupiter and soak it in, what would it feel like?

Would it feel like this sound?


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9 thoughts on “Jupiter Sings

  1. ~Lady Day says:

    Steals my breath!!

  2. Brilliant, contemplative writing…..amazing…. universe

  3. reminds me of buddhist chanting

    • SwirlGirl says:

      I like how everyone hears something different. The sound frightens me a little bit, but in a “I can’t believe how much I do not understand” way. Earth sounds like…swooshing. Wind. Water. It just doesn’t sound foreign to me, no matter how hard I try to hear it with an impartial ear. But, Jupiter. So wonderfully unfamiliar.

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