I found a trove of “treasure”…

Recently, I was scouring a closet for old tax forms (because, yes, I am one of those people who doesn’t file my taxes on time. Ever.) and instead of tax forms I found several dog-eared books full of extremely elderly poetry.

Back then, I thought it was super cool to write in different colored inks as often as possible. As if that, alone, would make my thoughts more interesting. I never showed my books to anyone, though, so I must have been trying to make my thoughts more interesting for…myself. 😉

These were written in 1998. I was 20-ish and just starting to think I kinda sorta maybe liked writing poetry:

have you seen him
at the edge of summer
where emerald green and
khaki come to blows?

running through the lines
and shouting “onward!”
into the blue
and bluer skies

when he points the
trees raise brittle leaves-
rapiers held out against
bitter frost

September stars glint
bravely in the barracks,
a row of gleaming buttons
up his front


In My Shoes

you are an arch supporter
of air walking,
gliding into my soul,
into my

introducing themselves
to shoes,
asking if they’re into cuffs-
they say they’re
too straight-laced
to notice

you’re in my shoes-
you know their tongues
wag about
this and that

you silence them-
hold them down
while I bend over backward
to execute
the perfect



applaud the poet in
staging her own demise
what brilliance!
what strength of mind!

how the dead are envied
by the barely alive

how a folded towel
can mean death

haven’t you heard?
dying is in style, so
oil the oven door-

i need a certain kind
of quiet
if i’m ever
going to follow

And this concludes this particular blast from the past. What have we learned from this adventure? I was fond of seasonal poetry, could turn a poem about shoes into something kinda sexual (or a sexual poem into a poem about shoes) and read a little too much Plath. I recall writing that last one. I was going for irony, but came off emo.

Story of my life, right there. 😉

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2 thoughts on “I found a trove of “treasure”…

  1. RLKing says:

    lol…I have the exact same collection, multicoloured inks, and yes, never have shown them…lol. Love that. 🙂 And thank you for sharing them.xo

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