the shadow side

hesitation on the horizon

sun takes one last look
then dips his flushed face,
blushing at moon’s

and oh,
that first dusky moment;
ever so still

then a splash
of wanton purple
streaks the east
sky dancing

crickets and frogs sing
its arrival

prowling cats become
luminous-eyed tigers,
pouncing at creeping
shadows and

I become a night sound,
in my sheets.

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3 thoughts on “the shadow side

  1. it’s the wanton purple streaks that interest me 🙂

    • SwirlGirl says:

      Well, let me tell you…there is something about the Canadian prairies in late summer. Sultry evenings full of crickets and crazy sunsets (due to a very prosaic reason: Farmers kicking dust up into the air when they cut their crops down…hehe)

      We all relish it a bit because soon enough there will be 6 feet of snow and temperatures so cold that you can’t open your eyes all the way lest your eyelashes freeze to your hat. I wish I was kidding. These last few weeks of decent weather are almost a sensual experience.

      • what an awesomely vivid description, wow.
        there is so much poetry in your landscape…here do get extreme heat but rarely extreme cold… we are so lucky to have true rainforest at our door and beach living 15 minutes away….so wonderful this thing called existence when you take nature into account!!

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